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Strange and amazing animals, plants, phenomena and natural wonders can be found here, each collection an original compilation that builds on the classic and ever-reinvented set of 7 Wonders of the World – originally applied mainly to architectural and engineering works but now seen in a new environmental light.

Jumping Brains: The Smartest Frogs In The Room

The Jumping Brain frog from visual artist Emilio Garcia has made the leap from creepy/cute concept design to a neuro-urban merchandising phenomenon.

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The World's 7 Most Amazing Bamboo Charcoal Products

Bamboo charcoal... is there nothing it can't do? Get black at home with these 7 amazing anti-microbial, odor-absorbing, eco-friendly bamboo charcoal products!

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Meteorological Marmots: 7 Predictable Groundhogs

Is spring in the air? Ask a groundhog! These 7 amazing weather-predicting marmots are famed far and wide for prognosticating on the prospect of an early spring.

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Hi High Blackbirds: The World's 7 Most Amazing Crows

Who ya gonna caw? These 7 amazing birds of the genus Corvus boast astonishing adaptability, distinct voices and impressive intelligence to boot!

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Yellow Fever Reliever: 7 Blight-Resistant Bananas

With Cavendish bananas threatened by a devastating fungus, fruit-lovers with “yellow fever” can peel one of these 7 tasty blight-resistant bananas instead.

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Extreme Travel: 7 Stone & Salt Wonders of the Natural World

These seven surreal locations around the world offer amazing views of alien-like stone and salt formations, for those hardy enough to access them.

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Freezing Pleasing: 7 Amazing Types Of Natural Ice

Ice ice baby! Though “Vanilla” isn't a natural form (or flavor) of ice, many other kinds of slippery frozen water are way cooler and much less annoying.

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Perm Whales: 7 Amazing Unexpected Curly-Haired Animals

While we're still on the hunt for shaggy cetaceans, other amazing curl-sporting creatures like pigs, rats and even birds shouldn't be brushed off so easily.

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Antler Management: 7 Amazing Reindeer Subspecies

From pulling Santa's sleigh to providing sustenance to a host of tundra-dwelling humans and animals, these 7 reindeer subspecies need to be seen and herd.

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Pine Dining: 7 Amazing Evergreen Foods & Drinks

See the tree; EAT the tree! Yule Log Cake is a holiday treat but foods & drinks made from actual pine trees can be just as tasty and much more nutritious.

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Quack Addiction: The World's 7 Most Amazing Ducks

Ducks have evolved a specialized set of physical attributes allowing them to become some of nature's most efficient waterfowl. So, what's the bill for all that?

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Really Green Vehicles: 7 Amazing Parked Zombie Cars

Does your car exude O2 instead of CO2? Is it more forested than a Subaru Forester? You just might be the owner of one of these 7 amazing overgrown parked cars!

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Major Kernels: 7 More Amazing Artistic Corn Mazes

Children of the Corn is scary but children love the corn and that's a fact! These amazing corn mazes show off American agricultural artistry to best advantage.

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Up To Our Ears: 7 Amazing Artistic Corn Mazes

I see your Japanese rice field murals and raise the bar with 7 artistic American corn mazes; proof that while rice may be nice, maize can be amazing!

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Holy Heights: The World's 7 Most Sacred Mountains

From Mount Everest to Mount Sinai to America's rocky Black Hills, these 7 prominent peaks prove pointedly that a mountain doesn't have to be high to be holy.

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