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Child's Drawing Comes to Life as Floating Thai School

A child's drawing of the perfect school for a poor village in Thailand is transformed into reality, using natural and sustainable materials.

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Meteorological Marmots: 7 Predictable Groundhogs

Is spring in the air? Ask a groundhog! These 7 amazing weather-predicting marmots are famed far and wide for prognosticating on the prospect of an early spring.

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High Tech, High Fashion: 13 Futuristic Green Garments

Sustainable technology like solar power, LED lights and even nanoparticle air filters is built right into these 13 cool eco-fashion designs.

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Animalia: Amazing Animal Portraits Burst with Character

Ornamental breeds of chickens and jewel-toned Singaporean fish show off for the camera in this gorgeous photo series by Ernest Goh.

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Screengrab Printer Saves Paper by Printing Small Selections

This cute little palm-sized printer spits out small selections of text or images onto receipt-sized notes.

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Hi High Blackbirds: The World's 7 Most Amazing Crows

Who ya gonna caw? These 7 amazing birds of the genus Corvus boast astonishing adaptability, distinct voices and impressive intelligence to boot!

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Eating Green: 12 Totally Fresh Vegetable-Centric Meals

Get lots more fresh veggies into your diet with the help of these 12 drool-worthy meals packed with avocado, kale, tomatoes, butternut squash & more.

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Bird Ballet: Plastic Bags Mimic Moving Murmurations

These incredible images capture the ballet-like movements of flocks of birds in the sky - yet they're made of plastic bags.

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Nature as Art: 14 Intriguing Environmental Installations

These 14 large-scale works of art use nature as either a canvas or art medium for massive sculptures and drawings made of snow, rocks, trees and more.

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Real Eco Friendly: The World's 7 Cutest Recycling Bins

By prompting smiles while encouraging respect for the environment, these 7 cute recycling bins help maintain cleaner & greener public places and spaces.

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Neon Animals: 180 New Species of Fluorescent Fish

Researchers 'accidentally' discovered 180 new species of neon bioluminescent fish when studying coral that glows in the dark.

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Print Green: 3D Print Real Grass in Fun Shapes

A 3D printer squirts out a mixture of mud and grass seeds in three dimensions, so you can grow grass in virtually any shape you can imagine.

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Yellow Fever Reliever: 7 Blight-Resistant Bananas

With Cavendish bananas threatened by a devastating fungus, fruit-lovers with “yellow fever” can peel one of these 7 tasty blight-resistant bananas instead.

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Extreme Travel: 7 Stone & Salt Wonders of the Natural World

These seven surreal locations around the world offer amazing views of alien-like stone and salt formations, for those hardy enough to access them.

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Retired City Bus Turned Traveling Double-Decker Hotel

A double-decker city bus has now become a spacious and comfortable traveling hotel with room to sleep six in the English countryside.

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