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Steve is a powerhouse on both WebUrbanist and WebEcoist, writing off-the-wall content designed to entertain and inspire the inner world traveler and thrill-seeker buried within all of us.

Sheer Drops of Scenic Beauty: 10 Most Amazing Cliffs

These ten amazing cliffs run the gamut from serene to staggering - sheer drops of cutting-edge scenic beauty that mark Mother Nature's geological glory.

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Great White! 7 Albino Wonders of the Animal World

Albino animals can occur in almost any species from crabs to birds to whales. These 7 amazing albino animals definitely qualify as wonders, am I white?

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Gone, Wild! 7 Extinct Wonders of the Animal Kingdom

Of all the creatures whose species have gone extinct, a rare few were more bizarre than anything humanly imaginable. Here are 7 of the strangest.

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7 Wet, Wild & Weird Deep Sea Animal Wonders

The ocean depths are bursting with life - though not life as most of us know it. Here are 7 exceptional examples of the wonders lurking in the deep sea.

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7 Geological Wonders from the World's 7 Continents

Mother Earth has had 5 billion years to sculpt herself into splendor, so let's trip across the 7 continents to find our planet's coolest natural wonders.

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10 (More!) Eccentric Genetically Modified Fruits & Veggies

Scientists, agronomists and geneticists are taking the next step in food modification: improving our food from the inside out. Here are 10 more of the most intriguing GM fruits & vegetables ever to drop off the vine.

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