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Stephanie is one of the most veteran authors on both WebUrbanist and WebEcoist – her work tends toward the design side of things, covering everything from parks and scenic overlooks to dazzling futuristic eco-architecture:

Creatively Weird Green Gadgets & Technology

The green technology industry is booming, and some eco inventions - like a biodegradable coffin coffee table - are just plain weird.

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15 of the Most Exotic Green Travel Destinations

15 of the world's most stunning eco resorts, national parks, nature preserves and other destinations.

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15 Mind-Boggling Green Facts & Statistics

The most jaw-dropping statistics and facts about the environment, renewable energy, conservation, trash and more.

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12 Exotic & Surprising Natural Predators

These 12 animals may not look dangerous, but they've got surprisingly aggressive instincts and dangerous defensive mechanisms.

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