Stick It! Innovative Livi Suction Cup Planter


Don’t just clean your windows; green them! Introducing Livi: a sustainable and recyclable suction-cup planter that adds botanical life to homes and offices.



Livi is a versatile portable planter that can cling to almost any vertical surface, allowing even the most space-challenged plant fans to grow a garden on their window! Livi’s cute & colorful planters stick securely onto glass so even if you don’t have a windowsill, you can still beautify your life (and reduce your carbon footprint) by growing and nurturing plants.


Livi is the brainchild of designer Hooman Koliji and his project team consisting of Parsa Shirazi, Yildirim Yazgaranikan, and Mandana Parvinian. The team has chosen to fund their start-up via Kickstarter and at press time, the campaign has reached 85% of their stated goal with over a week to go.