Hot Rod Tub: Scrap Car Transformed into Fun Jacuzzi

Hot Rod Tub 1

Just because this old European sedan’s years of usefulness on the road were over didn’t mean it had to go to the scrap yard for good. French artist Benedetto Bufalino saw an alternate life for the SEAT Ibiza, especially given its boxy shape – a function that would be even more fun than zipping down the roads.

Hot Rod Tub 2

The entire top portion of the scrap car was sliced off and the interior was gutted to make way for a custom waterproof container sized just right to fit the remaining parts of the car. Big enough for 2-3 people, the jacuzzi comes complete with jets. 

Hot Rod Tub 3

Add it to the list of fun stuff that’s been made from reclaimed vehicles, ranging from leather jackets that were formerly car upholstery to impressively detailed statues.

Hot Rod Tub 4

Benedetto Bufalino is known for quirky urban installations, often incorporating disused items in unexpected ways. One example is a phone booth that was sealed and filled with water and tropical fish for the Festival of Lights in Lyon, France.