Go Greenbacks: Carbon Fiber Wallets Aren’t Cash Cows

Going green? The leather wallet in your pocket states otherwise. Put your money where your mouth is with a cool new carbon fiber wallet from Common Fibers!

What’s On Your Wallet?

(image via: Common Fibers)

Choosing to avoid products made from animals is about as easy as avoiding the purchase of consumer products made in China… that is, it’s almost impossible! Even so, a growing number of people are selectively reducing animal products from their lifestyles because in a nutshell, if you don’t believe in it, why pay for it? Even more to the point, why pay for a product – ANY product, green or not – from a wallet made from an animal’s skin?

Common Fibers

Soon you won’t have to, thanks to Common Fibers and their soon-to-be-released line of carbon fiber wallets. The San Luis Obispo, CA-based start-up employs a patented process that adds flexibility to resin-impregnated sheets of carbon fiber. The so-called CF-Lex™ Technology allows Common Fibers to produce tough, flexible and durable hinged wallets without the inclusion of leather and other treated animal hides. Could it get any better? It can indeed: the company outsources materials procurement and certain manufacturing processes such as water jet cutting and stitching to specialty firms and skilled laborers in the United States.

(image via: Common Fibers)

If one considers how often an item like a wallet is used (and let’s face it: abused) hour after hour, year after year, then it’s obvious this important and ubiquitous personal accessory would make an excellent test-bed for Common Fibers’ patented CF-Lex™ Technology. And test it they did, refining manufacturing techniques based on real-world feedback to the point where three variations on a theme are now ready for prime time: the CF-Lex™ Slim Wallet, CF-Lex™ MAX Wallet, and CF-Lex™ iPhone 5 Case.


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