Screengrab Printer Saves Paper by Printing Small Selections

While the greenest way to print is to avoid printing at all – using your smart phone as a notepad, for instance – there are still times when we need a physical copy of something. Printers tend to encourage a ton of unnecessary waste, especially if you only need a small selection of what’s actually on the page. Enter a few cool new eco-friendly printer concepts like the Cocodori, a palm-sized printer that only spits out text you’ve selected.

The Cocodori looks a bit like a receipt printer, and it’s certainly a lot more portable than most printers. It comes with companion software that allows you to select just a small bit of text, charts or images on your computer screen to be printed.

That reduces the printout to little notes – perfect for memos, lists, coupons and other things that don’t require an entire 8.5″x11″ page. The printer costs about $134 and will be available soon via designer King Jim, with your choice of regular paper or paper with adhesive backing that allows you to print your own stickers.


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