Spark My Spokes: 7 Amazingly Cool Electric Bikes


Spark My Spokes: 7 Amazingly Cool Electric Bikes(image via: Lindsay Eyink)

The PiCycle from San Francisco-based Pi Mobility costs $6,000 but it’s a cheap price to pay for a ride from the future you can purchase today! How advanced is the PiCycle? Consider features such as an integrated 12V socket to charge mobile devices and a programmable built-in 4″ LCD display that tells you your speed, battery charge level, distance traveled, current energy use, regen percentage, efficiency, and time traveled.

The PiCycle‘s patented Carbon Gates Belt Drive system dispenses with cumbersome chains and keeps riders’ pant legs clean as a whistle. Once you get past the bike’s sleek styling, enjoy up to 20 miles of pedal-less travel at speeds of up to 30 mph courtesy of the PiCycle’s 48-volt brushless DC motor.

Shanghai Surprise

Spark My Spokes: 7 Amazingly Cool Electric Bikes

Spark My Spokes: 7 Amazingly Cool Electric Bikes(images via: Michele Travierso)

Flickr user Michele Travierso photo-documented the unusual, practical, and possibly one-off electric bike while cruising the streets of Shanghai, China. Travierso observes the bike showed hints of being hand-made but then, this IS China so that’s par for the course. The eBike’s integrated sidecar and prodigious storage capacity are remarkable to say the least though specs on price, performance and real world long-term usage are sadly lacking.