Backyard Barnyard: 9 Nifty Urban Chicken Coops

Home, home on the range… free range, that is! If you’re looking to raise chickens in an urban setting, these 9 nifty urban chicken coops are your best bets!

MAKE Modern Chicken Coop

(image via: Jetson Green)

Nicole Starnes Taylor of MAKE Design Studio designed this three-chicken capacity Modern Chicken Coop for homeowners living in urban Seattle, Washington. Like most small-scale chicken coops, Taylor’s design features attributes impossible to effect in much larger commercial installations. For example, the screened floor allows selective natural fertilization of the ground below thanks to castors on all four corners that make the coop fully mobile.

(images via: Jetson Green)

With only three chickens to house, this 15 square-foot coop offers an abundance of space and promises the “tenants” a stress-free lifestyle. The coop is green as well, having been built with salvaged framing lumber though owners wishing to duplicate Taylor’s efforts are free to use any materials at their disposal.

Clothes Chest Chicken Coop

(image via: Homestead Revival)

Sleek designer chicken coops are all well and good but there’s a place for quirky, homespun warmth if that’s what your heart desires. Benjamin Stein, CTO of Mobile Commons, lives on a small urban farm with his family in Brooklyn, New York. Stein’s garden chicken coop is a re-purposed set of drawers from a disused bedroom set. Now it’s the chickens’ bedroom and nobody seems to have any issues, least of all the chickens.

Barrel Vault Garden Coop

(images via: Coop Thoughts)

Are most chicken coops a little too rustic for your refined sensibilities? Don’t blame the coop, blame the beholder! A couple from suburban Seattle wanted their backyard chicken cop to complement their stylish home and since such structures aren’t sitting on store shelves they decided to build one from scratch.

(image via: Coop Thoughts)

This chicken coop’s most distinguishing feature is a curved barrel-vault roof custom made from trimmed Suntuf panels. A paint job selected to match that of the house and a unique “no raccoons” window crafted by a professional stained glass artist are the finishing touches to a henhouse that’s quite foxy indeed.


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