Bend Bag & Begone: 9 Amazing Dog Poop Disposals

You’ve stooped, scooped and bagged Fido’s poop… now what? These 7 dog doo disposal bins beautifully complete the chain of responsible pet waste disposal.

Ahead Of The Curve

(image via: Design Moderne)

Think a trashcan is a trashcan is a trashcan? When it comes to effective environmental management, one couldn’t be more wrong. Hungarian designer Kőrös Benedek (Ben Koros) has neatly addressed the problem of people dumping bottles and other trash into dog waste disposal bins with Curve, a bin that requires users to shepherd the bag around a spiral trackway before letting it drop. Since few articles of trash are sized and shaped like a full dog waste bag, fewer such articles will find their way inside the bin.

Recycling Robot Dog From Japan

(images via: Kunitachisumou)

When it comes to Recycling Robot Dogs, the “From Japan” part kinda goes without saying. “Samu”, as he’s been dubbed by manufacturer Tohoku Kankyo, loves to eat dog poop… much like your actual dog, as it happens. The difference is, Samu can can recycle roughly 600 to 1,000 grams (up to a pound) of dog waste into odor-free compost each and every day. Beat that, Bowser!

(images via: Inuyashiki)

Samu costs the equivalent of $900 and comes in a pleasing variety of colors (some two-tone) to complement your home decor scheme. It comes pre-loaded with a chemical composting agent that will need to be refilled after several months but otherwise it’s as simple as can be. Open the head/lid, add poop, close the lid, press the START button and voila: pathogen-free, odorless organic compost ideal for your backyard or patio herb & veggie garden. Your dinner guests will be amazed!

Auckland Dog Land

(images via: Dog Actually and Makana Magazine)

“Don’t listen to my buddy here, he’s full of sh…” Don’t look so shocked, the wise old pup speaks the truth: that other “dog” is a hollow pet waste depository. At least it was when it was new. Now, however… phew!! You’ll find these very visual pup poop pots down in New Zealand where the blue-green example above is stationed in an Auckland park.


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