Recharge Your iPod As You Listen with Solar Headphones

Solar Power Headphones 1

Charge up your iPhone, mp3 player or tablet as you listen to music with a pair of headphones featuring a strip of flexible photovoltaic panels on the top. All you need to do is soak up some rays, and the OnBeat Solar Headphones will do the rest of the work – no hand-cranking or electric power source required.

Solar Power Headphones 2

Theoretically, you could lounge in the sun all day, listening to music and performing tasks on your phone or tablet with no power cord and no worries about running down your battery. The solar cell has a charge capacity of .55 watts, stored in two lightweight lithium ion batteries held within the ear cups for balanced weight and comfort.

Solar Power Headphones 3

When it looks like it’ll be a rainy day, you can still use them OnBeat headphones; just pre-charge them via USB from your computer or power outlet before heading out, and the energy will be stored for later use. OnBeat is currently raising funds for production on Kickstarter; backers pledging 69 pounds ($102.78) will get a pair of the headphones at a pre-sale discount.