Dumbbells For Non-Dummies: 9 Next-Gen Free Weights

Exercise is playing a larger role in today’s healthy lifestyles and traditional free weights have had to change with the times or get dropped… ouch! These 9 nifty free weights make over the classic heavy metal dumbbell, adding appeal to every gender and generation.

Russian Kettlebells

(images via: Livestrong and Whole 9)

More, er, kettlebell? These innovative free weights are a lot older than they look, starting out in the 1700s as cannonballs with welded-on handles and flattened bottoms. Known as “girya” in Russian, kettlebells differ from dumbbells in that their center of gravity extends out beyond the hand making them useful for wrist-strengthening exercises that involve swinging motions. Sanctioning bodies such as the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting and the International Girya Sport Federation provide a wealth of information and guidance for amateurs who’d like to incorporate this time-tested workout method into their personal training regimens.

Ergonomically Designed Dumbbells from Philippe Starck

(image via: Spacify)

Form follows function? Not if you’re French product designer Philippe Starck. The Poaa pair of dumbbells from xO-Design are ergonomically shaped to fit the user’s hands while looking like objets-de-art in the process.

(image via: Spacify)

Priced at over $600 per pair, these designer dumbbells aren’t cheap but they’ll look great displayed in your living room. Choose from Gun Silver or Gold finishes and 2 kg or 3 kg weight sizes. Should you desire to show off your good taste at the local gym, a form-fitting carry case is available separately.

Sustainable Packaging by Brett Belock

(images via: Coroflot)

Brett Belock is tired of doing the heavy lifting when it comes to recycling and re-purposing plastic shampoo and conditioner containers. The Notre Dame, Indiana designer has come up with ACTIV, a series of hair care product bottles that can be filled with sand when empty, thereby taking on new lives as attractive and innovative free weights. Keeping them out of our landfills and keeping you fit at the same time: now that’s what you call pro-ACTIV!


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