Nuts To Them! 8 Brilliant Backyard Squirrel Feeders

Birds do it, bees do it, even squirrels do it! As leaves begin to fall and the days grow shorter, our furry friends are actively “squirreling away” seeds and nuts in anticipation of a long, cold winter. These 8 brilliant backyard squirrel feeders are designed to assist our nut-storing neighbors while providing nature-lovers with a front row seat to urban wildlife in action.

Big Head Squirrel Feeder

(images via: Archie McPhee)

The string-suspended and seed stuffed Big Head Squirrel Feeder “humiliates and feeds squirrels at the same time” according to the seller, Archie McPhee. C’mon, Archie, squirrels may not be stupid but we reckon humiliation is a bit beyond the scope of their cognitive abilities.

(image via: Huffington Post)

On the other hand (or paw, as the case may be), we humans are easily amused and the sight of a curious, food-hunting squirrel suddenly transformed into a big-headed, goofily grinning, Disneyesque varmint verges on being hilarious. Hey, if you laugh at Honey Boo-Boo’s antics, you’re gonna love the Big Head Squirrel Feeder.

A-Mazing Squirrel House

(images via: Lumberjocks and Sherwood Creations Inc.)

They don’t call it “A-Mazing” for nothing: the A-Mazing Squirrel House from Sherwood Creations takes its inspiration from popular plexiglass-backed bird houses and feeders that allow onlookers a glimpse at the inner workings of a creature’s food-gathering routine. Since squirrels seem to enjoy working to get their food, the house is designed like a vertical enclosed maze with a series of alcoves to place different foodstuffs. Small brass bells sound the alert when hungry squirrels come a-knocking!


(images via: Bat-a-Ray, and Birdwatchers General Store)

More like “Corn-Go-Round” but then again, a determined squirrel will gladly risk a bout of vertigo for a few kernels of toasted corn – as would we all. The principle is a simple one: nature provides the tree to mount the contraption on, squirrels provide the amusement, and you provide both the corn and the commentary.

(image via:

According to the manufacturer, the Squirrel-Go-Round is an all-metal twirling “diversionary feeder” that keeps squirrels away from bird feeders… now if only there was some way to keep birds away from the Squirrel-Go-Round.

Fancy DIY Squirrel Feeder

(image via:

Birdhouses and bird feeders are ideal DIY projects for the home woodworker and you can add unique squirrel feeders to the list. This Fancy Squirrel Feeder looks amazing unpainted but creative types are welcome to add a little color to this classic feed box design. Be sure to choose non-toxic paints or wood stain, however, as squirrels will bite and chew anything in order to help keep their teeth from overgrowing.


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