Painted Pastures: 7 Amazing Colorful Fields & Meadows

Orange You Glad?

(images via:, Robert Miller and Masterfile)

Enjoy the fruits of Mother Nature’s labors with these fields of orange-colored flowers! From cultivated marigolds to wild African daisies to the wonderful variety of blooms that delight visitors to California’s Carlsbad Flower Fields, the rich hue of the setting sun can be enjoyed at any hour of the day.

(image via: Mike Baird)

There are few things more pleasing to the senses than a field of freshly blooming wildflowers, especially if they’re all of the same species and color. Such is the case in several spots along the California coastline, such as the idyllic meadow above. Located just off the Buchon Trail near the Canyon Diablo nuclear power plant, these colorful California Poppies give off a glow that’s all-natural!

Inside the Red Zone

(images via: Antony Spencer)

Both images above depict fields of poppies, both display locations in England, and both were discovered and captured by the lens of award-winning photographer Antony Spencer. Though it’s true poppies have their dark side, these strikingly beautiful images help bring balance to a much-maligned flower best seen in the light of a lovely English day.

(image via: Crazy-Frankenstein)

The dark side does have its own appeal, of course, and the poppy field above shimmering in the, ahem, twilight would certainly strike a chord in fans of a certain fantasy romance series. Only one question remains… does the scene above depict dawn, dusk, or some misty netherworld forever fixed upon the borders of day and night?

Pretty In Pink

(images via: 123RF, Somewhere In The Middle and Pensieri Azzurri)

Taking cues from both the red and violet bands of the spectrum, pink reaches its full potential when expressed in the petals of flowers. Multiply the impact by several petals per flower and thousands of flowers per field and you’ve got wall to wall, sensory overload, maximum intensity pink and a close encounter of the bubble-gum kind.

(image via: ButterFunk)

A more subdued yet no less powerful exploration of pinkness can be found in Japan’s legendary Sakura cherry blossoms. Blooming en masse annually in a highly anticipated, widely reported national news event, the sight of a forest of Sakura trees festooned with gently snowing blossoms is a scene not to be missed.

White Out

(images via: Akusijebat and 123RF)

There’s something about a field of white flowers… the gentle beauty of the frosted petals contrasting with the rich organic green of the background foliage is something timeless and primordial. Perhaps it’s the lack of color that imbues white flowers with a certain restrained grace, or maybe we do that ourselves in order to fill a perceived lack that really isn’t there at all.

(image via: Wallpaper Million)

White as the snow-capped mountains and refreshing as an icy freshwater stream in early spring, a field of white flowers invites the bracing breeze while banishing heavy heat and humidity. From alpine Edelweiss scattered through Swiss meadows to gently nodding ranks of daisies growing wild and undisciplined amongst prairie grass and groundcover, white flowers take in the best of every color combination and bounce it right back at us. Do you dare to take them lightly? Go ahead… they wouldn’t have it any other way.

(image via: JLM Photo)

Fields of colorful flowers can shock and surprise those expecting only green grass, giving the impression of dream landscapes – if you dream in color, that is. Not that the power of millions of flowers can ever disappoint, of course, the only caveat may be the difficulty in choosing a color. Luckily there’s no limit, in time or of color: if you can’t select one, why not take them all?


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