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Wildlife World Of Sports: 7 Animal Arena Invasions

Cover your eyes and hold onto your nuts: from squirrels to ducks to Pine Martens, these 7 amazing animal streakers demand their piece of the on-field action.

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Cutting Edge Green Architecture: 12 New Building Designs

Twelve new building concepts, and structures under construction, illustrate crucial features that could help make the future of architecture more sustainable.

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Bicycle Treehouse Elevator: Pedal-Powered Genius!

This amazing bicycle elevator creation zooms a rider from ground level to a treehouse thirty feet in the air within seconds.

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Colonizing Mars: Robots Carve Caves for Human Habitation

An architecture firm proposes using solar-powered robots to excavate caves on Mars in advance of establishing human colonies.

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Sea's Sick: 6 Floating Garbage Patches

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is shockingly huge, and it's not alone. These 6 floating flotsam fields display the consequences of blindly dumping downstream.

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7 Weirdest Reptile and Amphibian Wonders of the World

A blind limbless salamander, a turtle with no shell, and a frog so transparent you can see its organs are among the world's weirdest reptiles and amphibians.

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Fish Rocks Of Trona: Folk Art On A Geologic Scale

Trona, California is the last place on Earth one might find fish but here they are, no bones about it! The famous Fish Rocks are Folk Art on a geologic scale.

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Architecture For a Change: Off-Grid Prefab Pod in Africa

A prefabricated off-grid pod with solar power and rainwater harvesting that can be assembled in a day is a solution for rural housing in South Africa.

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Rio Meow: 9 Amazing Wild Cats Of South America

From the majestic jungle Jaguar down to the cute-as-a-button Kodkod, some of the world's most beautiful, rare and threatened wild cats call South America home.

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7 (More!) Weird Wonders of the Marine Animal World

These bizarre creatures are among the weirdest served up by the sea, from a crab of nightmarish proportions to a pink shark with nail-like teeth.

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Fab Tree Hab: Living, Ecosystem-Integrated Dwellings

This prefab building concept integrates human dwellings with nature by grafting living trees into them.

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These Alien-Looking Acorns Are Actually Growing Wasp Larvae

Take a walk around London, and you'll probably spot some acorns with bizarre ridgy growth all over them. The cause? They're filled with wasp larvae.

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Bend Bag & Begone: 7 Amazing Dog Poop Disposals

You've stooped, scooped and bagged Fido's poop... now what? These 7 dog doo disposal bins beautifully complete the chain of responsible pet waste disposal.

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7 Incredible Insect Wonders of the World

From a bug with a giraffe-like neck to a moth that looks almost exactly like a hummingbird, here are seven of the world's weirdest bugs.

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Nature Through A Lens: 18 Amazing Flickr Photos

Photographers share incredible shots of bees in pollen, tulip fields, waterfalls, bison and more on Flickr Creative Commons. Here are 18 great examples.

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