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Crawling Bling: Trippy Tropical Jewel Caterpillars

Jewel Caterpillars of the genus Dalceridae include some of the most beautiful caterpillars you've ever laid eyes on. Just be sure you look and don't touch!

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12 of the World's Strangest & Most Unusual Bodies of Water

From volcanic hot spots that literally look like hell to the most beautiful cascading paradise you can imagine, these 12 bodies of water are highly unusual.

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Green & Gorgeous: Wind Turbine, or Work of Art?

The Hercules wind turbine by Italian firm Enessere is just as much sculptural work of art as it is a functional, efficient clean energy-producing machine.

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POP Culture! Colorful Canopy Made from Plastic Bottles

1500 reclaimed plastic soda bottles were filled with colored water in yellow, green and blue, and crafted into the beautiful '(POP)Culture' canopy.

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Green Putting: 5 Environmentally Friendly Golf Balls

Go for the green! By keeping their eyes on the ball, a number of golf ball manufacturers are slowly but surely making the Skins Game a more sustainable one.

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14 Relaxing, Beautiful & Productive Urban Rooftop Gardens

Lush green space is rare in cities, but more and more rooftops - like these 14 - are becoming hidden green getaways, complete with water features & wildlife.

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12 Amazing Natural Wonders of Australia

Deserts, islands, rainforests and rocky cliffs: Australia has it all, with breathtakingly diverse landscape features, wildlife and cultural history.

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Whale Valley: Egypt's Evolutionary Showcase

The evolution of whales from land-based animals to the ocean's largest mammals is on display in the stunning Wadi Al-Hitan desert of Egypt.

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Arms Length Pets: 10 Leashed Animals to Collar Your World

Please re-leash me, let me go! These 10 leashed animals illustrate our need to keep animals close and pets even closer, regardless of race, creed or collar.

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Bird Collars, Moose Hats & More: 17 Animal Inspired Fashions

These 17 fashion designs, from totally wearable honeycomb dresses to amazingly weird moose-shaped hair hats, were inspired by the animal kingdom.

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Infinity Pools and Ancient Ruins at Pamukkale, Turkey

The terraced, flowing springs of Pamukkale, Turkey are like natural infinity pools, coated in white mineral deposits and topped with ancient Greco-Roman ruins.

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Tri It, You'll Like It: 16 Amazing Tricycle Concepts

Two wheels good, three wheels better? Apply the power of three and put a new spin on people-powered peddling with these 16 amazing tricycle concepts!

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Plant-Integrated Furniture: 12 Ways to Bring Greenery Inside

Grow herbs, flowers, ferns and other plants indoors in the most unexpected places - planters built into tables, chairs, lights and even exercise equipment.

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12 of Africa's Most Awe-Inspiring Natural Wonders

Africa is home to some of the world's most incredible natural sights including the vast Sahara Desert, the magnificent Victoria Falls and countless wildlife.

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