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Whale Valley: Egypt's Evolutionary Showcase

The evolution of whales from land-based animals to the ocean's largest mammals is on display in the stunning Wadi Al-Hitan desert of Egypt.

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Arms Length Pets: 10 Leashed Animals to Collar Your World

Please re-leash me, let me go! These 10 leashed animals illustrate our need to keep animals close and pets even closer, regardless of race, creed or collar.

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Bird Collars, Moose Hats & More: 17 Animal Inspired Fashions

These 17 fashion designs, from totally wearable honeycomb dresses to amazingly weird moose-shaped hair hats, were inspired by the animal kingdom.

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Infinity Pools and Ancient Ruins at Pamukkale, Turkey

The terraced, flowing springs of Pamukkale, Turkey are like natural infinity pools, coated in white mineral deposits and topped with ancient Greco-Roman ruins.

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Tri It, You'll Like It: 16 Amazing Tricycle Concepts

Two wheels good, three wheels better? Apply the power of three and put a new spin on people-powered peddling with these 16 amazing tricycle concepts!

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Plant-Integrated Furniture: 12 Ways to Bring Greenery Inside

Grow herbs, flowers, ferns and other plants indoors in the most unexpected places - planters built into tables, chairs, lights and even exercise equipment.

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12 of Africa's Most Awe-Inspiring Natural Wonders

Africa is home to some of the world's most incredible natural sights including the vast Sahara Desert, the magnificent Victoria Falls and countless wildlife.

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Kids Narrate the Planet Earth Series, Adorably

BBC America commissions a group of kids to replace Sir David Attenborough as narrator of its series 'Planet Earth', with cute and funny results.

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Gulp! 8 Strange, Unusual and Adorable Baby Spoons

Feeding time means show time! These 8 strange, unusual and adorable baby spoons give you the scoop – literally – on shoveling nutrients with civilized style.

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Earth Day Action: 13 Major Environmental Accomplishments

Earth Day's inception in 1970 set off a chain of environmental achievements over the past four decades including laws that limit pollution and protect wildlife.

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Tiny Living at its Cheapest: The $200 Micro-Home

Derek Diedricksen builds incredibly ingenious tiny houses from reclaimed 'junk' like washing machine parts and plastic jugs for as little as $200 each.

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Another Terra: Mini Greenhouse for Other Planets

Another Terra, by Studio Besau-Marguerre, is a terrarium to go: made with a special leather harness, it's perfect for travel to other planets.

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Walk Past: 8 Amazing Native American Trail Marker Trees

Trail Marker Trees are living cultural signposts, shaped and molded by ancient Native Americans to be navigational aids in a time before GPS, compasses or maps.

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Beautifully Buzzworthy: 12 Designs Inspired by Bees

These 12 designs for jewelry, furniture, home decor and even entire residential towers all take visual and symbolic inspiration from bees.

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Wee Wildlife: 13 Amazingly Adorable Baby Animals

A cheetah with a puppy pal, a hippo the size of a cat, a two-toed sloth and a gorilla in diapers are among these 14 adorable newborn animals.

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