Towering Transformers! Robots Made of Scrap Metal


Kids – and fans of all ages – will gaze up in wonder at the real-life ‘Transformers’ that tower up to 20 feet into the air at Mr. Iron Robot Theme Park in China. The robots are the creation of Chinese artist Kefeng Zhu using scrap metal from cars and machine tools.



Kefeng and his team of sculptors took over a decade to complete each of these 600 awesome sculptures. The Mr. Iron Robot theme park opened last month in a massive abandoned factory space in Jiaxing in east China’s Zhejiang Province. Sadly, the robots probably don’t come to life and fly around in the sky, but it’s not clear whether they have moving parts.


“I feel very glad when the children visit my park and enjoy the happiness here,” the artist told Xinhua Net. “I still remember the joy when I play iron toys in my childhood, I’d like to share the joy with children when I’m able to build a theme park. Joy shared with others are more enjoyed.”

Photos: WENN