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Natural Swimming Pool is a Refreshing Paradise in Switzerland

Famed architects Herzog & De Meuron have broken ground on a beautiful natural swimming pool for residents of a Swiss town.

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Shorn Shine Day: 7 Amazing, Exotic & Unusual Wools

Wool: not just shorn from sheep anymore! These 7 amazing, exotic & unusual wools offer a wealth of advantages over traditional woven fleece.

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12 of America's Most Beautiful Camping Spots

These stunning campgrounds from Alaska's Arctic National Park to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon are among America's most spectacular.

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Tiny Living Takes Off in New York City with Micro-Apartments

Housing in New York City could get more affordable with the rise of tiny 'micro apartments' that fit lots of function into small spaces.

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Bladeless Turbine Shows Off Wind Power of the Future

Mecanoo Architects and Delft University have unveiled a scale model of a new, bladeless, noise-free wind turbine design.

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Hippie Chic: Nine Nifty VW Microbus Mods

These 9 reverent & relevant consumer products reference the classic VW Microbus while further cementing its pop culture star status for future generations.

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DIY Herbal Home: 12 Fresh-Smelling Recipes & Projects

Bring spring indoors with these 12 simple DIY projects for herbal household sprays, dryer sachets, room scents, carpet fresheners and more.

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Sun and Cloud: Hand-Cranked Solar Digital Camera

This digital camera comes with 15 Instagram-inspired filters and can be charged via a built-in solar panel, or hand-crank mechanism.

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Bright and Beautiful 7-Foot-Wide House in London

This house may be just seven feet wide, built into a narrow lane in London, but it's bright, comfortable and even has a rooftop garden.

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Show Me The Bunny: The World's Most Amazing Rabbits

Bunnies: not just for Easter anymore! Rabbits from 8 distinct genera have established a firm and lasting presence on our planet and in our hearts.

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Bionic Animals: 10 Creatures Thriving with Prosthetics

These ten animals are swimming, running and jumping after losing limbs, fins and tails thanks to caring humans and innovative prosthetic devices.

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15 Delicious Camping Recipes for Outdoor Gourmands

Get some fresh ideas for delicious recipes cooked over campfires and grills that are just as hearty and flavorful as those cooked at home.

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Tiny Floating House, Porch & Gardens in British Columbia

A forty-by-forty floating platform on British Columbia's Powell Lake supports an entire off-grid homestead including a cabin, gardens and a wood shed.

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Hot & Twisted: 9 Amazing Fire Tornadoes

Fire tornadoes (also known as fire whirls or fire devils) can rage for up to half an hour, uproot mature trees and rise hundreds of feet into the atmosphere.

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13 Creative DIY Solutions for Raised Garden Beds

Make your own raised garden beds to beautify your yard and make gardening more convenient with pallets, bed frames, water troughs and woven willow branches.

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