Plant Outside the Box: 14 Strange & Unusual Gardening Products


Who says you have to stick to boring terra-cotta pots, bags of fertilizer and pouches of seeds? Paper faces that sprout seedlings, fertilizing gnomes, pots that seem to float in the sky and planters you can wear are so much more fun. These 14 cool and unusual gardening products are far outside the ordinary, providing solutions for small-space gardens and for spreading greenery and flowers out into the world.

Seed-Sprouting Paper Pulp Faces


(images via: sustainable&handmade)

Are these paper faces full of seeds cool, or creepy? That depends on your perspective. These recycled paper pulp seed packs molded to look like human faces are kind of cute, but it gets a little weird when plants start sprouting up out of their eyes and mouths. Get them at Sustainable&Handmade on Etsy.

Fertilizing Gnomes


(images via: arredalamente)

More than just a decorative figure for the garden, these gnomes actually break down into the soil to fertilize your garden after about a season of outdoor exposure. Each little ‘Mino Garden Gnome’ is made from composted materials.

Skypots: Floating Garden Spheres


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Think you don’t have room for potted plants? Check out these ‘skypots’, spherical planters with transparent tops that can be hung from the ceiling. They would be ideal for herbs, lettuce or other small plants on a balcony, deck or even in a window.

Miniature Planter Jewelry & Bicycle Decorations


(images via: wearable planters)

Carry a teeny-tiny garden with you wherever you go with a wearable planter by Colleen Jordan. These 3D-printed plastic pots come in various sizes and shapes so you can attach them to your bicycle, wear them around your neck or hang them in your cubicle at work.