DIY Greenhouses: 10 Structures You Can Build Yourself

Lean-To Greenhouse


(images via: cedarbuilt)

Need something mid-sized? A lean-to greenhouse is probably the way to go. These attached greenhouses are typically around 4’x8′ and can be made of reclaimed windows, storm doors or plastic bottles. Be creative and come up with something of your own, learn how to make one from new materials at the DIY Network, or you can always order a kit online.

Salad Container Greenhouse


(images via: premeditated leftovers)

Plastic salad containers are perfect for seed starting. You can add seed starting mix to yogurt cups, or better yet, to biodegradable cardboard toilet paper tubes, which can be planted right into the ground. Once you’ve planted your seeds, just place them inside the salad containers, which are small and easily stackable.

Simplest of the Simple Bottle Greenhouse


(images via: casual planting)

Need something extremely basic that can be used for single plants? It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Just cut the bottom off a water bottle and place it right over individual plants in pots or in the ground. Once they start filling the bottle, you can uncap it to give them a little air circulation.