DIY Greenhouses: 10 Structures You Can Build Yourself

CD Spindle Propagator


(image via: atomic shrimp)

Need to just start a few seeds, or protect a delicate seedling in cool weather? It almost seems like plastic CD spindle cases were made for this purpose. Most of us have at least one hiding someplace in the house. Turning it into a little propagator is as simple as cutting of the central column of the spindle and drilling a few vent holes into the top.

$50 Hoop House


(image via: doorgarden)

While PVC pipe is not the most eco-friendly material, it can be a durable, re-usable and inexpensive choice for a hoop house. A tutorial offered by The Door Garden offers detailed photographs and information for creating one of your own. Alternately, you could use copper pipe or possibly bamboo in place of PVC.

Movable Seed Starting Greenhouse


(images via: instructables)

With the weather as unpredictable as it has been this winter, it wouldn’t be too surprising to get one last unexpected snowfall just when we’ve decided that spring has come to stay. Protect any seeds that you’ve sown right into the ground with a DIY cold frame. This small portable greenhouse is also great for speeding up germination when the weather is still cool.

CD Jewel Case Mini Greenhouse


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And you thought you didn’t have any uses for all those annoying plastic CD cases scattered around your office. While there are no step-by-step instructions, it wouldn’t be difficult to fit a few cases together to create this miniature modernized version of the bell jar, which simply sits over delicate seedlings to protect them from harsh winds and cool breezes.