Gardens to Go: Tiny Colorful Bike Planters


It seems that spring is here to stay, so why not get in a gardening mood with a little portable greenery? Etsy seller Wearable Planters offers an adorable set of colorful pots that you can strap onto your bicycle, taking miniature gardens with you wherever you go.



Designer Colleen Jordan of Atlanta creates the planters digitally with modeling software. They’re then 3D printed out of nylon, hand-dyed and sealed. The planters come in shades of red, orange, blue and green. Jordan recommends using succulent cuttings that have just begun to root, or large air plants.



Beyond bicycle adornment, Wearable Plants also offers teeny-tiny pots that can be worn as brooches or necklaces, so you can carry around sprigs of whatever leaves and flowers catch your eye. See them all at Etsy.