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Redefining the American Dream with Sustainable Mobility

An urban development concept from architecture firm Höweler and Yoon reimagines the structure of urban and suburban areas with a futuristic transit system.

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Nuts To Them! 8 Brilliant Backyard Squirrel Feeders

Got urban wildlife? The get one of these 8 brilliant backyard squirrel feeders are designed to assist our nut-storing neighbors in preparing for winter!

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12 Vegetarian Alternatives to Traditionally Meaty Dishes

These 12 recipes will satisfy your craving for a hearty, filling meal, but do it without meat - even in stroganoff, chili, burgers and meat loaf.

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Small but Beautiful: Showcase of Tiny Houses

Tiny House Blog is the perfect place to go to see examples of how to make small living work for you.

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Kelp Constructs: Could Seaweed Replace Paper and Plastic?

Designer Julia Lohmann creates lamps, hats and other objects using kelp, a sustainable seaweed that could potentially replace plastic in some applications.

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Twisted Sisters: Amazing Tortoiseshell Cats & Kittens

Beautiful black & orange Tortoiseshell Cats are fast emerging as one of the most popular cats around. Have you got the fortitude to own a cat with “tortitude”?

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Cycle of Design: 13 Bike-Inspired Home Furnishings

Cycling enthusiasts can fill their homes with all kinds of bike-inspired furniture and decor items, like bike chain chandeliers and cog coasters.

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Vertical Gardens: 12 More Gorgeous Green Walls

These 12 living walls bring greenery to architecture in a big way with vertical gardens that extend high into the sky and cover entire building facades.

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Basket Apartments: Stacked Sustainable Student Housing

Lucky students in Paris get to live in this unusual, sustainable stacked housing complex with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

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Drink The Rich: 10 Exotic & Quixotic Bottled Waters

From the “center of the Earth” to the roof of the world, bottled water marketers will go anywhere and everywhere to get the drop on their competition.

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It's Electric! 15 Clever Energy-Conscious Gadgets

These 15 innovative gadgets and ideas make us more conscious of our energy usage, and find surprising new ways to produce electricity.

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Concept City: Responsive Infrastructure for a Sinking Manhattan

This futuristic yet organic proposal for Manhattan envisions a solution for a flourishing city despite rising sea levels, elevating infrastructure into the sky.

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Nike Feather Pavilion Made of Thread & Plastic Bottles

Nike has unveiled a new pavilion made of high-tech thread and recycled plastic bottles, in honor of its 'Flyknit' footwear technology.

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Carp Circles: Seven Fantastic Oceanic Fish Nests

You read that right: “fish nests”, not “fish nets”, with the former being much more appealing than the latter – at least from a fish's point of view.

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Green Infographics: 14 Facts About the Environment

Learn about what you should compost, the costs of going green, how hybrid engines work and the eco-rating of the iPad with these 14 green infographics.

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