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It's No Yolk: 7 Amazing Edible Non-Chicken Eggs

It's no yolk, folks have always enjoyed eating eggs. These 7 amazing edible non-chicken eggs push the calcified envelope far beyond the farmyard and frying pan.

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Smart Water: 12 Clever Reusable Water Bottle Designs

These clever and unusual reusable water bottle designs include built-in filters, ergonomic shapes, roll-up containers and other valuable features.

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Ocean Thermal Energy Plant in China to be World's Largest

Set to be the largest of its kind, a new power plant planned for the coast of China harnesses energy from differences in ocean water temperatures.

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Charming Dome House in Thailand Built For Just $8,000

This beautiful and welcoming little dome house in Thailand was built in just six weeks for $8,000, using local and eco-friendly materials.

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That'll Never Fly: 7 Amazing Wingless Flying Animals

Always have wings? Mother Nature begs to differ! These 7 amazing wingless animals take to the sky like a fish out of water... one really IS a fish out of water.

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17 Backyard Beaches, Natural Swimming Pools & More

These gorgeous chemical-free, environmentally friendly faux swimming ponds will get you dreaming about designing one for your own backyard.

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Wind Power Wins: 13 Gusts of Energy Innovation

New innovations in wind power technology include silent, portable, highly efficient turbines that don't need blades.

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Natural Swimming Pool is a Refreshing Paradise in Switzerland

Famed architects Herzog & De Meuron have broken ground on a beautiful natural swimming pool for residents of a Swiss town.

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Shorn Shine Day: 7 Amazing, Exotic & Unusual Wools

Wool: not just shorn from sheep anymore! These 7 amazing, exotic & unusual wools offer a wealth of advantages over traditional woven fleece.

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12 of America's Most Beautiful Camping Spots

These stunning campgrounds from Alaska's Arctic National Park to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon are among America's most spectacular.

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Tiny Living Takes Off in New York City with Micro-Apartments

Housing in New York City could get more affordable with the rise of tiny 'micro apartments' that fit lots of function into small spaces.

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Bladeless Turbine Shows Off Wind Power of the Future

Mecanoo Architects and Delft University have unveiled a scale model of a new, bladeless, noise-free wind turbine design.

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Hippie Chic: Nine Nifty VW Microbus Mods

These 9 reverent & relevant consumer products reference the classic VW Microbus while further cementing its pop culture star status for future generations.

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DIY Herbal Home: 12 Fresh-Smelling Recipes & Projects

Bring spring indoors with these 12 simple DIY projects for herbal household sprays, dryer sachets, room scents, carpet fresheners and more.

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Sun and Cloud: Hand-Cranked Solar Digital Camera

This digital camera comes with 15 Instagram-inspired filters and can be charged via a built-in solar panel, or hand-crank mechanism.

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