Play Tarzan & Jane? 12 Exotic Treehouse Eco-Vacations

Treehouses appeal to the kid in us. How would you like to combine that urge to play in the trees with a vacation? Some treehouse vacations are rustic while others are more like plush resorts. Most are labeled as an eco-vacation. Whether you want to take it easy on the environment or want to play Tarzan and Jane, step off the grid and climb a tree. These 12 treehouse eco-vacations are fun yet exotic, some of the best in the world.

Green Magic Nature Resort

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If you are interested in a remote “jungle” eco-vacation, where you stay in a treehouse, then Vythiri, India, might have what you want. Green Magic Nature Resort is a dedicated eco-lodge built in the trees and located on 500 acres of private secondary forest. The first treehouse is at 100 feet with its second double bedroom directly above it. Access to this treehouse is by wooden steps and hanging bridges. The second treehouse is 90 feet up, accessed by an indigenous crane lift that hoists you with a unique water counterweight. Food comes from an organic farm and energy is solar-powered. Great bio-diversity can been seen when trekking rainforest trails or cooling off in a natural swimming pool. The treehouses offer panoramic views and attached bathroom facilities.

Post Ranch Inn

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Along the ruggedly beautiful Big Sur Coast, the Post Ranch Inn has triangular treehouses. They are single standing structures on stilts, built nine feet off the forest floor. Besides a big bed, each has a fireplace and windows which offer spectacular views on all sides. If this ritzy treehouse is too much roughing it for you, then the Post Ranch Inn has a luxurious spa.

River of Life Farm Treehouse

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The River of Life Farm is 350 acres located in the Missouri Ozarks. The secluded treehouse overlooks the North Fork River from a private deck. The Mark Twain National Forest is next door, making this a great getaway for hiking, trout fishing, canoeing, or escaping your busy life to commune with nature. The romantic treehouse cabin can sleep up to six, with a master bedroom and a loft bedroom, but is often rented out by honeymooners.

Out ‘n’ About

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Out ‘n’ About Treesort is located in Cave Junction, Oregon. This place is all about treehouses, claiming to have lots of activitrees, but requiring a treeposit to hold your treeservation. If there is no bathroom in your treehouse, you are welcome to use the main facilitrees. While you are out ‘n’ about, tree fairies clean your perch. They have a wide array of treehouses, varying in sizes, prices, and amenities. These include: The Suite, Swiss Family, Peacock Perch, Cavaltree Fort, Treeloon, Treepee Yurtree, Serendipitree, Treezebo, Forestree, Pleasantree, Elementree, and Majestree.

The Bamboo Treehouse

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The Bamboo Treehouse is located on 12 acres of bamboo and tropical hardwood forest in Rincon, Puerto Rico. It offers three types of treehouses, all having 12 volt power provided by solar panels. The Master bedroom Hooch is a separate bamboo treehouse with bridge access to a full bathroom. The Sunset Hooch has a kitchenette on the lower level and a separate hoochette serves as the bathroom. The Luna Hooch is a self-sufficient separate residence, bathroom included, located on a private ridge with spectacular views of the valley and the Caribbean beyond. The Bamboo Treehouse is a tremendous place to be one with nature.

Camp Twin Lakes Treehouse

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This eco-friendly treehouse is located on a secluded part of Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge, Georgia. It’s not for adults, but for special kids. It “provides places and paths for children with serious illnesses and life challenges to experience the joys of childhood and grow in their confidence and capabilities.” Inside this wheelchair accessible treehouse, kids can learn about green living and sustainability. It also has twisty slides, a zip line, trap doors, and climbing nets in a rustic nature setting.

Treehouse Village Resort

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The TreeHouse Village EcoResort in Papua New Guinea is suited to experienced island travelers, divers, environmentalists, and adventure sporting enthusiasts. The first floor of the Treehouse is 6 meters up, held securely within large knurled limbs of a 200 year old native hardwood tree. There is a large balcony, dining area and a bar. Sleeping accommodations, however, are in beach-front bungalows with private bathrooms. Activities include scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, surfing, canoeing, jungle walks, rainforest treks, cycling, bird watching, culture tours, and exclusive expeditions.

Parrot Nest

(image credits: Parrot Nest Lodge)

Parrot Nest in San Ignacio, Belize, consists of two treehouses, four cabins, and two bathhouses. The thatched treehouses are on stilts under a 100 foot guanacaste tree. As its name suggests, there are plenty of pretty parrots which, thankfully, also eat the mosquitoes. Parrot Nest has many types of explorations: river, waterfalls, cascades, caves, archeological sites, jungle walks, medicine trails, butterfly farms, and more eco-adventures. Breakfast and dinner are served on the veranda of the main house.

Nahiku Treehouse

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Welcome to Maui and the Nahiku. The treehouse deck is 750 square feet, located 30 feet about the ground in a 75-foot Mango tree. However, the treehouse is for relaxing, staring at the ocean, or whatever appeals to you, but it is not where you sleep at night. Sleeping takes place in the Banana Cabana. The treehouse has a resident house cat to keep varmints at bay. The owners also advise, “Make no mistake, this is camping. Rainforest camping to be exact. Do not expect a ‘mint on your pillow’ at night.” Sounds fun to have a treehouse involved in camping.

Ngong Treehouses

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When you think of a treehouse vacation, you may not necessarily think it will be a posh place offering a cushy stay. Ngong House in Nairobi, Kenya, manages to offer luxury and a getaway treehouse vacation. Of the six very different styled treehouses, the rooms offer four poster beds, great comfort, and gourmet food. Some of the units have two levels with a bedroom upstairs. Living areas are raised 15 feet off the ground to offer unspoiled views of the Ngong Hills. At night there is a campfire, but during the day there is access to a swimming pool. A stay at Ngong House is an “experience in extreme comfort.”

Cedar Creek Treehouse

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Cedar Creek Treehouse in Ashford, Washington, is only ten miles from Mount Ranier National Park. Unlike most private bed and breakfast establishments, this cabin is 50 feet up in a giant cedar tree. From the treehouse, there are views of Mt. Rainier, the Rainbow Bridge, and the Treehouse Observatory which is 100 feet above the forest floor. The wild spiral “Stairway to Heaven” should be put on your to-do list. Inside the treehouse, there is a skylight for sun or stars as well as a mammoth tree trunk growing straight up through the kitchen floor and disappearing through the ceiling.

Ariau Amazon Towers

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The Ariau Amazon Towers in Brazil are located in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. It is the largest treetop hotel in the world and this eco-resort is considered a must-see before you die. The treetop accommodations are connected by over 5 miles of wooden catwalks, meandering through the thick Amazon rainforest canopy. Eco-adventures are widely varied, ranging from swimming with rare pink dolphins, walking on rope bridges, to relaxing at treetop swimming pools. Private balconies offer breathtaking natural wonders, from the Amazon River to the lush tropical forest. Be prepared for little monkeys to visit with you.


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