World Photography: Famous Freelance Photographers & Works

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Freelance photographers roam the planet in search of that perfect moment in time. Some of these artist use their cameras to share with us hidden natural delights. There is magic in that moment that can awaken our spirits to also love that split millisecond of space, time, and beauty. Freelance photographers take us underwater, across the sea, out in the middle of nowhere to bring us breathtaking landscapes and spectacular wildlife. Here are 10 world-class freelance photographers and 36 photos of their famous works.

George Lepp


(image credits: George Lepp)

George Lepp is well-known outdoor and nature photographer. His stunning images reveal his environmental responsibility and passion for natural beauty. He captures landscapes and animals with his camera before sharing them with the world. Lepp also writes about his biological and photographic knowledge. The above photos are of a Colorado landscape, tulip fields, a leopard, and hippos in Africa.

Jim Zuckerman

Jim Zuckerman

(image credits: Corporate Fine Art)

Wildlife, nature, and travel, a far cry from most doctor’s lives, but that is what Jim Zuckerman started off to be in his career before changing over to a photographer. He started a love affair with photography when he was 20. Like many of the artists featured here, he is a multi-published author and world traveler. His works cover a wild range of topics, but pictured above is a seahorse, a Morpho butterfly from Peru, a vicious piranha, a close encounter with a snarling leopard in Namibia, a giant katydid from Papua, New Guinea, and sparing elk from Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

Jonathan Blair, Robert Turner, David Muench, Nevada Wier


(image credits: Crocodile Fotos, Crocodile Fotos, theg2gallery,Muench Photography, Nevada Wier, Nevada Wier)

Jonathan Blair was first published in National Geographic Magazine, before his photography took him into adventure stories and underwater photos. The top left picture is called, Exclusive Dining: “The vivid mottlecah eucalyptus lures Australian honey possums, one of two mammal species that live only on nectar and pollen.” The top right is Blair’s of Saunderskill Stream. Robert Turner is an avid conservationist who began as a documentary filmmaker before shifting his skill to photography. He searches out perfect natural lighting as in the woods pictured above. David Muench has more than forty books of landscaping photography. He also works with other photographers in workshops. The bottom left photo of Muench’s is called, Extreme Sierras. Nevada Wier is yet another award-winning freelance photographer. She specializes in very remote corners of the globe and the cultures that inhabit them.The two bottom right photos are hers; she snapped the Galapagos Sea Lions off of Espanola Island and the misty sunrise was captured in Myanmar Maurk.

Jason Bradley


(image credits: Bradley Photographic)

Jason Bradley had wanted to be a marine scientist. As an aspiring researcher, photography was a vital tool. Becoming a photographer was an afterthought for Bradley. He adores nature and most of his freelance photos are marine related. He is an expert at capturing underwater shots and has many galleries showcasing his works.

Dennis Nigel


(image credits: Dennis Nigel)

Dennis Nigel is a wildlife photographer. His works include anything African, wildlife, scenery, people and culture. He offers over 70,000 images on his site as well as extensive photo tips. At top left are cheetah cubs, the picture taken at Kapama Game Reserve, South Africa. Below that image is a meerkat captured at sunset as well a lions all snapped in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. At the top right is Parson’s Chamaeleon, an endangered rainforest species photographed in Madagascar. Nigel also specializes in landscapes, in freezing the moment forever with his camera and then sharing with us the beauty of our natural world.

Pam Wood


(image credits: Photography by Pame)

Pam Wood is a freelance photographer who offers a vast selection of photos from around the globe. She has a quest for capturing the world at its best with her camera, her quest is to capture the magic of moment in time. Wood hopes her pictures make people laugh or smile, while encouraging us to do what can to preserve our planet for future generation to enjoy. “This is an incredible planet we all live on. Let’s celebrate life!”

Galen Rowell

Galen Rowell

(image credits: Mountain Light)

Galen Rowell was an internationally beloved freelance photographer and global adventurer. His life was tragically cut short when a private plane with his wife and two friends crashed near his home. He offered worldwide wisdom on the environmental impact being wrought upon people and their lands. Some of his works include wild horses in Patagonia, Argentina, a rare 360-degree rainbow over Na Pali Coast, Kauai Island in Hawaii. He captured another rainbow, many in fact, this one over Hidden Peak, Karakoram Himalaya, Pakistan. The next to lower right is called, Stormy Sunset over Evolution Lake. In the bottom right, Star streaks over South Gasherbrum Glacier in Pakistan.