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Real-Life Zombies: 10 Examples of Mind Control in Nature

Zombies aren't just movie monsters - they're real. These 10 examples of zombies in nature include mind-controlled insects and walking corpse syndrome.

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Prickly Puggle: Meet Kai, Perth Zoo's Cute Echidna

The Perth Zoo gives us a look at the spiny yet cute Kai, one of the few short-beaked echidnas that have been successfully bred in captivity.

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Camp Stove Cooks with Wood & Powers Gadgets

The BioLite CampStove is a pretty green way to cook when camping, turning twigs and other wood scraps into heat energy that cooks food and powers gadgets.

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Souper Duper! Asia's Artificial Bird's Nest Soup Shacks

Skyrocketing prices of edible nests used to make the Chinese delicacy Bird's Nest Soup have spawned a construction boom of artificial nesting barns.

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Amazing Animal Brains: 13 Fascinating Neurological Facts

Spiders with brains that spill into their legs, sea squirts that eat their own neurons and super-smart crows: these 13 animals have fascinating brains.

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Eco Lofts Commune with Nature at This Mexico Hotel

These cute little pod hotels fit everything you need in a hotel suite, but the best part is the outdoor terrace and stunning views of Mexico's wine country.

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Berry Berry Big: The World's 10 Largest Fruits

Looking for a sweet treat that's hard to beat? The 10 jumbo fruits featured here aren't just meals in themselves, they're literally outstanding in their fields.

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Branch Out: 15 Home Furnishings Inspired by Trees

These 15 decorative items and furniture designs take inspiration from the beauty of trees, both literally and symbolically, bringing nature into the home.

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Earth Art: 15 Inspiring Works that Celebrate Nature

These works of art made of driftwood, dandelions, leaves, pine cones and other natural materials celebrate the beauty of nature.

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Chew On This: 10 Strange & Unusual Meat Jerkies

Jerky makes a high-protein, low calorie snack and it can be made from almost any kind of meat... including these ten rather surprising ones.

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Arboreal Architecture: Taking Inspiration from Trees

These 14 houses, pavilions, commercial buildings and other forms of architecture take inspiration from the shape and symbolism of trees.

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Blow into Algae and Help it Grow at This Greenhouse

Technology, biology and horticulture come together in an unusual interactive exhibit that invites visitors to help algae grow with their breath.

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Just Peachy: Australia's Pretty Pink Hutt Lagoon

Western Australia's Hutt Lagoon is pink as a blushing bride and saltier than a sailor on shore leave, thanks to an abundance of beta carotene-producing algae.

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Found Object Art: 13 Sculptures Made of Reclaimed Items

Reclaiming random found objects for art is not a new thing, but these 13 artists use all sorts of waste materials in cool and surprising ways.

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Designing Dream Travel: 14 Spectacular Eco Hotels

These compact, portable, prefab eco-friendly travel destinations seem too amazing to be real, like a UFO suite and a 'magic mountain' complete with waterfall.

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