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Serious Scrap Metal Recycling: Crazy Can Sculptures

There’s often a large amount of difference between community service and innovative design. Canstruction is an annual event that’s aimed at changing that. The design event is held in cities all around North America, Australia and across the world. Over an 8-12 week period, teams of engineers, architects and students band together to create fascinating […]
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Futuristic Eco-Housing & Visionary Green Public Space Ideas

When it comes to sustainable housing and urban recreation, multi-functionality and biomimicry are the wave of the future, with communities intentionally designed so that residents have plenty of access to green space even in the most densely populated cities. The green recreation spaces of the future are often designed to use space creatively, providing unexpected […]
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Upcycled Art: Paper Bags Return to Their (Tree) Roots

Paper bags are everywhere, and most of the time they end up either in the landfill or littering the landscape. But artist Yuken Teruya looks at a paper bag and sees potential, not waste. He takes these ordinary, often-forgotten objects and turns them into small, simple works of art. In his Notice-Forest series, the artist […]
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7 Wonders Series Animals & Habitats History & Trivia

Gone, Wild! 7 Extinct Wonders of the Animal Kingdom

It’s estimated that 99.9 percent of all the species that ever lived, have gone extinct – all part of the gradual trial & error process that characterizes the great circle of life. Most of the dearly departed creatures who have shuffled off this mortal coil were unremarkable but a rare few were more bizarre than anything humanly imaginable. Here are 7 of the strangest.
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Going up? Go Green! 15 Eco-Towers & Sustainable Skyscrapers

With a burgeoning global population that has ever-growing needs for both food and housing, many architects are looking up for sustainable solutions that will prevent further sprawl and provide fresh food to urban residents. Vertical farms and skyscrapers that incorporate various functions like housing, recreation, work and tourism are like miniature self-sufficient cities, complete with […]
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12 Insane Elevated Eco-Parks & Dizzying Outdoor Overlooks

We may not have wings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy eagle-eye views of spectacular rainforests, canyons, mountain ranges and cityscapes from dizzying heights. Cantilevered viewing platforms with glass floors give us the opportunity to experience the sensation of hovering in mid-air, while sky-high urban parks offer outdoor recreation hundreds of feet above the […]
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