Living Pavilion: Algae Architecture Cleans the Air

Biologically active architecture could pave the way for a whole new method of urban farming, with far more uses than just growing food. In fact, our built environments could be living organisms in and of themselves, eating, breathing and growing just as we do. One striking example is the Algaeculture Feeding System, developed by Carlo Ratti Associati as part o the Future Food District Project at Expo Milano 2015.
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Charming Dome House in Thailand Built For Just $8,000

This beautiful and welcoming little dome house in Thailand was built in just six weeks for $8,000, using local and eco-friendly materials.

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Warts & All: The World's 7 Most Amazing Toads

Spring has sprung and a host of creatures great and small are emerging from winter hibernation... not the least of which are the world's most amazing toads!

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Green Gadgets: 11 Eco-Friendly iPad Accessories

These 11 eco-friendly iPad accessories include cases, keyboards, sound amplifiers and more to make the most of your gadgets in sustainable style.

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Sustainability Treehouse Teaches Environmental Stewardship

This multi-level, self-sustaining treehouse in West Virginia features wind turbines, solar panels and its own water storage and filtration system.

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Spa for Snow Monkeys! Japan's Jigokudani Park

Adorable Japanese snow monkeys frolic in the steaming natural hot springs of northern Japan at this unusual park.

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Cellular Creature Carpets: 8 Amazing Microbial Mats

Microbial mats composed of bacteria, algae or other micro-organisms make these otherwise minuscule creatures visible – often brilliantly – to the naked eye.

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DIY Beauty: 15 More Face & Body Products to Make Yourself

Make these simple natural beauty recipes for hair masks, bath salts, makeup and more for yourself and as inexpensive, beautiful gifts.

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Train Station Rooftop Gardens: A New Kind of Food on the Go

Tokyo's train station rooftops have been reclaimed as community gardens where commuters can grow their own food in between train connections.

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